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I am so happy I found this.  It made me super sad for the first two seconds and then THIS FACE happened and I couldn’t stop laughing .. I guess I’m a horrible person.


Bolin, don’t cry. Baby, baby don’t, please.

No don’t cry. Bolin, no. Stop.


Documentary on Kickstarter!

Check out the trailer of this documentary that features one of my art professors, Joseph Adolphe. His work is amazing and he was one of the absolute best teachers I had the pleasure of having for multiple classes while at school. He’s awesome and out of his mind.

Go watch the video and donate! They have til June 15th to raise all the money for the project, but if they don’t raise the full amount they don’t get any of it :( So help them out. Every little bit counts!

jasminetwil asked: OMIGOSH. YAY! I absolutely love Gingham and the little girl! Final page? You're not planning on discontinuing the storyline are you? D:

For this particular story, yes.  It was always meant to be a little thing, but I would very much like to keep them around for something in the future.  It may be something long or maybe a bunch of little individual things.  But not to worry, they’ll be back.. eventually. 

jasminetwil asked: Any chance of a new page from your comic, 'Time Flies' coming out anytime soon? :D

YES! I have the next (and final) page half colored already, so it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks after my life gets a bit less hectic.  I’ll hopefully have some work from another project up soon too.  Thanks for the interest and support!

Anonymous asked: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? D:

DEAD… sort of. I had a ton of stuff on my plate temporarily, in addition to starting some new projects.  Hopefully I’ll have stuff up soon now that I’m done stalking the Avengers… for now…